a hand to guide you

A Hand To Guide You, to help you create a truly personal ceremony, exactly as you want it to be

A Hand To Guide You


Civil Funeral Cermonies reflect the exact needs of the bereaved family and can include hymns and prayers if required.  

More and more families want to celebrate the life of their loved ones with a ceremony that reflects on the person they have lost.  

The wishes and requirements of the deceased and the family are paramount when a Civil Ceremony is arranged not the beliefs or views of the celebrant.  

Whether you and your family would like a religious, non religious, or traditional funeral, A Hand To Guide You will help you plan, organise and conduct the ceremony in exactly the way you would like.

You can be sure that A Hand To Guide You will capture the true essence and personality of the person you have lost, and ensure that their memorial is what both you and they would have wanted.


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