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Personal funeral services that really reflect the personality and life of the person you've lost.


Whether a religious, non religious or traditional funeral, A Hand To Guide You can ensure it is a truly personal celebration of the life of the deceased. It will help plan and conduct the ceremony to your exact wishes, so you can be sure that the right tone, music, readings and atmosphere is created.


Child and Baby Funerals

A Hand To Guide You will assist bereaved parents with making decsions that are right for them, explaining their options for a baby who dies at any stage of pregnancy or shortly after birth.  


Memorial Ceremonies

Memorials are a great way to celebrate someone's life after they have passed away. A Hand To Guide You can help you organise a memorial that is a fitting tribute to your loved one.


Scattering of Ashes

If you'd like a formal or more relaxed ceremony for the scattering of ashes, A Hand To Guide You can help you create an event that reflects the wishes and beliefs of the person you've lost.


Pet Services

As a pet owner, you will know that they are an essential part of our families, and so when our beloved animal sadly passes away, there becomes a great gap in our lives.

As adults, the loss of a pet is a very significant event in our lives.

This could be the first time your children experience loss and mourning

While they are with us, we do our utmost to enhance the quality of life for our pets so a personalised farewell is a befitting next step to take on their behalf.

I can help you by creating a service which may include prayers or poetry, readings and even symbolic rituals like planting a tree, lighting a candle or installing a commemorative sculpture. 

I offer a free consultation, where we can discuss your requirements and ensure that your dear pet/companion is given a memorable and dignified ceremony.